3rd Place and State

Morgan and I qualified for state on Friday. I honestly did not think that we would make state but luckily we did. We practiced our piece as soon as we got to the school because we did not practice it at all beforehand. I have a major problem with waiting to the last minute to finish anything, so Morgan and I almost did not have a finished piece. Luckily we did finish our piece just in time.

In the first round everything was going smoothly and then out of nowhere, I had a panic attack. I have no idea why it happened, but it did. And to make things worse, it happened right before it was our turn. I still presented our piece with Morgan because I didn’t want her to have to say it by herself. We only got a score of 58 because of me. Usually, I speak louder, but I could barely speak at all, so we got a lower score in volume. On the bright side, the judge said we had good eye contact.

We were the last ones to go so when we finished Morgan and I went to put our stuff down and go tell Mrs.Wells. She helped me calm down, told me to eat something, and to relax. She was also a little confused on why I had a panic attack because this is my second year in forensics and this has never happened before. After talking to Mrs.Wells I got a plate of food and sat with Dakota because she was helping me calm down. I don’t think that I should have eaten anything because I got a stomach ache.

Soon enough, it was time for round two to start. Morgan and I went to our room, but my stomach got really bad and I just started crying. We asked the judge to go to the bathroom and of course, he said yes. When we got back from the bathroom our judge had left the room so we had to wait outside of the room. When he had got back everyone walked in the room and I almost threw up. Morgan quickly brought me a garbage can just in case. I was crying the whole round because my stomach was killing me, but Morgan helped me the whole time. I was considering not performing with Morgan in round two but I did. Even though I was crying, I still read my part.

After the round was finished, we went back down by Mrs.Wells to tell her what happened. We then walked back to the gym where I laid down for a little while. Not too long after I laid down a One Direction song came on and I sat up immediately and started singing with Morgan and Dakota. I then stood up and started dancing. It must have helped because I was starting to feel a lot better. When the awards were being presented I did not think we were going to win so I did not pay any attention but again, Morgan was. She heard our code called and we had won third place. I was overwhelmed with joy because I thought we did horrible. I was then considering the fact that we still could have gotten a red ribbon but we didn’t. We actually got another blue ribbon which qualifies us for the state tournament. Overall the night was crazy, but it ended well.


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