Another Red Ribbon

Unfortunately, Morgan and I once again revived a red ribbon. On the bright side, we did power. After powering we claimed second place in the News Reporting category. Overall the day was very exciting and at times I got a little flustered. The first round ran late so we had to start round two a little later. Everything got back on schedule around lunch time.

As the first round was about to start Morgan and I got lost. We walked in the complete opposite direction we should have and missed the staircase. When we walked into our room, I could just feel everyone’s eyes on us because we were the last people in the room. Our first judge looked very kind, but she wasn’t. She gave Morgan and me our lowest score that we’ve ever had. She gave us a 55 out of 70! That’s horrible! I actually thought that we did well in the first round. She didn’t even write anything that we need to fix so I don’t know how we are supposed to fix our “problem” that we don’t really have. The one thing that she did say we needed to fix was eye contact. I think that they just need to stop writing during our piece so that they can see us making eye contact.

Our room for round two was easy to find because it was the same room we had in round one. The judge in round two looked like she was going to give us a bad score, but we made it out with a score of 62 out of 70. That is what we should have got in both rounds, and not just one. I do feel like I did better in the second round than in round one, but we still did well in the first round.

The worst part of the day and the best part of the day came together. My least favorite part of the day was having to wait to find out if we powered. Before the powers were posted I had fun dancing but once one category went up I sat down and waited until my category was posted. There was a short period of time when me, Morgan, Michael, and Sandy stood on the benches to try and see over the crowd but it did not work. The mob of people stood too close to the screen so we had trouble seeing the screen. When they finally posted our category, I was not paying attention but luckily Morgan was. She got my attention and we grabbed our stuff and went up to our room. When the power round was over we went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. When we finished eating, we went to the gym to dance more. It was hard to relax knowing that we had a chance to win the first or second place. When it was time for the awards I got very anxious and somewhat scared. When our category was called we made our way up the stairs and onto the stage. We received the silver medal for second place. Overall the day was enjoyable.


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