2017 Forensics Meet

Yesterday was our first forensics meet of the season. This year you have to get a average score of 62 to get a blue ribbon. Lat year we only needed an average of 56. I was scared that Morgan and I would not get a blue ribbon but we did. Not many people got a blue ribbon but for those who did, congratulation.

In our fist round we got a little confused finding the room but we made it there. We were the first News Reporters to speak. Our time was 7 minutes and 52 seconds. I feel  like I could have done better but I guess I did fine because Morgan and I got a score of 64. In round two we were in the same room so it was easy to get there. Our time for round two was 7 minutes and 51 seconds. I feel like we did better the second round but we still got a score of 64. That is a good score but we could have done better.

After both the rounds we just hungout for a long time. A couple of the rooms took a little longer to finish so we had to wait even longer. At the end of the meet everyone was getting frustrated because we all just wanted to get a blue ribbon and go home. When we got on the bus people got calm as they got there papers handed to them. There was a bus full of disappointment but I know I was happy. The day was long but I had fun.


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