Morgan Wall

IMG_1173.JPGThis is my best friend Morgan Wall. We became friends in 5th grade and have been friends sense then. Many people tried to make us not be friends but no matter what we stayed friends. We still argue often but we never hold grudges on each other. We could argue for an hour and when we finish arguing we would just play a game. We still argue but that is fun for us. I think we learn a lot about each other when we argue.

Morgan and I have done quite a bit together. In 5th grade we made a band called Mkats. It lasted for a while. We still use that name sometimes. In 6th grade Morgan and I started hanging out a lot. Some of her other friends did not like that so we stopped hanging out for a little bit. Not to long after we were very good friends. During the summer before 7th grade we put a show together. We actually had a few shows. This show in particular was memorable. Me and Morgan danced to “Katy Perry, Hot and Cold”. Annika sang “Katy Perry, Dark Horse”. Connor danced to the chicken dance and Kylie sang and danced with us.

In seventh grade me and Morgan were even better friends. About half way through the school year we became best friends. Morgan and I decided to try forensic together. We were news reporters. We called our news channel “Mkats Channel 5 News”. I think we did a good job for our first time. We placed third at city and made it to state. We will be doing forensics again this year. We got lucky in soccer. We were wishing to be on the same team and we were. Some of the practices were fun. We even made our own game while we waited for Mr.Conti to show up.

Now we are in eighth grade together. We will be best friends for as long as possible. Definitely this whole year. It might be hard to stay in touch with her in high school but I hope we can stay friends forever.


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