Winter Break

Over winter break,  I got to reconnect with a lot of my family. On the last day of school, which was a Thursday I went to my Aunt Dales house for a gift exchange. I got to see my aunt of course and my two older cousins, Austin and Brandon. I also saw my brother for the first time in a while. On Friday my mom and I went to my auntie Dawn’s house and I saw three more of my cousins, Eric, Erica, and James.

After we left their house my mom and I went to Pick’n’Save to buy our families Christmas dinner. Wee made chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and corn. We did not get to eat it till about seven because my brother was taking forever to get home from work, but it still tasted good. After dinner, my sister made Christmas cookies. After they were done baking and cooling my brother and I decorated them. Most of them turned out good. Some of the ones my brother made were ugly because they either had red frosting for blood or they split into two pieces. Christmas Eve morning I opened the presents at my mom’s house. My favorite thing I got was a new water speaker. I also got a new matching bed set, a fondue maker, chocolate, strawberries, and a new blue flannel.

My dad picked me up from from my mom’s house on Christmas eve night. He let me open the presents from him when we got to the house. He bought me two wii  remotes, one blue and one pink and just dance 2017. I also got and pair of Moccasins and three sets of pajamas. On Christmas Day we went to my grandpa’s house. It was kinda boring because I was the only kid but my grandpa was feeling good so everyone was happy. It is always nice to know that he is feeling well. For Christmas, my grandma and grandpa got me a pair of Moccasins, a stuffed animal, and money. My grandpa’s sister gave me jewelry and my Uncle Dennis got me resses peanut butter cups. The day after Christmas I went back to my grandpas to hangout with my cousins. They got me a new blanket and super soft socks.


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