A little Late

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I know that this post is a little because the sleepover I am going to write about was two Saturdays ago. I was going to write this sooner, but I did not want to. Anyways, two Saturdays ago I went to Olivia’s house for Halloween. Her house had a zombie theme. Her parents even dressed up as zombies. I don’t know what Olivia was, Sandy was a fish, Michael was a unicorn/dear, Brynn was Cattiness, Addy was I think a fligt attendant, and I was a witch, like always.

We did not trick or treat for long. Addy and Olivia got tired first and walked back to Olivia’s house. Michael, Sandy, Brynn, and I continued to trick or treat. We almost got hit by a cat but we didn’t. While trick or treating one child decided to skip the line and when someone said he skiped he said “I Ain’t Skip”. We also decided to say other things then just “trick or treat”. We said things like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year. Some of the fun people said it back.

In the morning Olivia,Sandy,Brynn, and I went to buy food. I bought me and Sandy cupcakes. I have no clue what everyone else got. After we bought our food we walked to the lake. There was a cold breeze that made the cool air even more cold. Despite the cold weather we took pictures and enjoyed our time. My mom called not to long after which lead to even more trick or treating.



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