Halloween party!

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On Friday, the 21, I had a Halloween party at my house. Dakota, Olivia, Sandy, Kiera, GC, Brynn, Owen, Isaiah, and Ethan came. To start the party of we played “Just Dance 2015”. Sandy was the best dancer. Dakota was the second runner up. When Owen got to my house we gave up on Just Dance and decided to go onto the trampoline.

Popcorn is the best game to play on the trampoline so that is what we played. Owen was the first one to be the popcorn. We declared him the winner after about five minutes of  trying to pop him. Morgan was the easiest to pop. Probable because she is the lightest. When Olivia’s turn came she almost flew right off the trampoline.

At around six o’clock Isaiah and Ethan arrived. Isaiah came about five minutes before Ethan. We met Isaiah a couple houses down from mine. I did not have my glasses on at the time so his costume looked very weird. We went on the trampoline for literally a minute before I decided to get ready for the dance. Morgan also got ready with me. My sister Sara did my makeup then Morgan’s makeup. Her friend Katie did our nails. They did it a lot faster then we could.

When Ethan finally got to my house we went on the trampoline again. We jumped for a little while but then everyone decided to change into their costumes. The best part of the trampoline is when Ethan fell off the trampoline. Not only did he fall of the trampoline but he also fell off my shed. He also tripped me when I was going into the shed so now I have a scrap across my knee.

When seven twenty came along we all loaded into Katie’s truck. Some people went inside the car and the rest of us went into the back of the truck.  The breeze from the wind was a little chilly. It was nothing new to me. My mom lets me go into the back whenever we go to the gas station. Overall, I think the dance went well. I have been to better but I did have fun.

After the dance Isaiah, Sandy, Morgan, Dakota and I walked back to my house. Olivia’s dad drove Olivia to my house. We all sat on my trampoline and had a nice conversation. When we became cold we went inside to watch a movie. Right before we started the movie Isaiah got picked up. Morgan, Olivia, Sandy, and Dakota slept over.

My sister made Olivia, Sandy, and Dakota soup while Morgan and I sat in a hot bath to warm up from the cold. When Olivia finish her soup she joined us. When the water became cold we put our pjs on and gathered blankets. We needed a ton a blankets because we were going to sleep outside. That did not work out to well. Dakota went inside at two in the morning. Morgan, Sandy and I went in at two thirty. Olivia did not come in until around four in the morning. We thought she was coming in with is. When we got inside and realized she did not come in we did not want to go back out and get her.

After we all got about four hours of sleep we got up and ate cookies for breakfast. After breakfast we played just dance. When we got hot we went on the trampoline. Not to long after Morgan and Dakota left. When they left Sandy, Olivia and I went to the gas station to get f’reals. Then we went to Night Owl to get fries. We walked back to my house and played just dance. At two Olivia and Sandy got picked up.



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