Halloween Costumes and the Dance

The Halloween dance is approaching fast. It is this Friday. I am going to be a dead sailor along with Morgan. We have the same dress but not the same makeup. We had other ideas about our costumes but we knew we wanted to twin. I am only going to be a sailor for the dance. For trick or treating I will be a witch (like always).

The Halloween dance is always fun. I hope we have a good DJ. I only say this because, not to be mean but, the DJ for the middle school dance was not to good. So far we have had a good DJ for the Halloween dance. I hope we will also have one this year. I also enjoy being able to get away from my family. I love my family but they are so irritating. Last year my sister decided to come with so I had to babysit her. After about ten minutes of ignoring her she got mad and left. I don’t feel bad about it because she needs to grow up. She is 17 and can’t be by herself. After she left a had a good time with my friends.

At first Morgan and I were planning on dressing up as dead cheerleaders, but are plan soon changed after our attempts of finding the costume failed. Morgan found a costume online but I don’t like to order online so we tried to find it at Walmart. We had no luck. Our other friend Amalia told us to order it online a lot but we decided to check Halloween Express. We still couldn’t find a cheerleader costume that fit both Morgan and my desires. We walked around the pumpkin for about a good hour and then decided to try on a sailor outfit. We had three version to choose from. We both agreed that the blue and red dress was the best option. I actually like the sailors more then the cheerleaders.



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