Just something I put on Instagram

This is Coreena, my super shady best friend. Coreena is 13 years old. This shady girl happens to be my bestie. We never fight with each other and find it fun to tease one another. We can talk about stuff that no one else would. It is always easy to talk to her about everything because she is good at keeping secrets.

I love when we are talking and out of the blue she starts throwing shade especially during shop . There is always a party when Coreena is around. Like she always says “Coreena is awesome”. There is no one in the world who can make me hate her so don’t even try. Coreena is the best friend anyone could ask for.

We can play sports (even though she always wins), and we can watch people play sports (we all know who she is watching). We can also just have a nice conversation about who knows what. But there is probably some shadiness in the conversation. I think I should start calling her the Queen of Shade. Lol not really.

But anyways Coreena is nice to everyone so you better not mess with her! I hope we can stay in touch throughout college and life, but we probably won’t. It would be cute if we did because then our kids could be friends, (or enemies). Like I said before Coreena is my best friend and “Coreena is awesome”. Love ya girl❤️ (and don’t say this is a one sided love).image.png


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