31 Days

There is only 31 days until Halloween, not counting today. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love being able to dress up and get free candy from random people. Last year so random old lady asked to take a picture of Morgan, Kylie, and I. She told us to come back next year and she would give us the picture. I don’t think that she will even remember she took the picture of us. Morgan was a fairy.  Her costume was purple. Kylie was the red M&M. I was a witch (like always). I have been a witch for eight years.

I love being a witch because people always give me extra candy. I also get my picture taken a lot. Two years ago my dad dressed up as a vampire. Some drunk girl kept hitting on my dad because he dressed up for halloween. She kept trying to give him shots. After a long argument he took a shot and we walked away from her house vary fast. I will tell you more tomorrow when there is only 30 days until Halloween.



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