Top Two

Finding cute clothes that fit me is not an easy thing to do, unless I am at Ross,  or Discovery. They always have cute cloth that actually fit me. Ross’s cloth are inexpensive and there is a wide selection. Discovery as a little expensive but I always find something to buy.

Ross has only been open for about a year or two. They have name brand clothing for like half the normal price. I did not look at the entire store but they have Nike and official NFL clothing. I did not see any sports shoe but there was dress shoes. I recommend going to this store at least once in your life.

Discovery has been around for a while now. I am not sure how long though. I don’t shop here often because it is expensive but recently there prices have been going down. Most of the clothing only fit teens or young adults. There store is more of a fancy place to shop. I only recommend going there if you have a lot of money with you.



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