My all time favorite season is fall. My mom thinks I am crazy because she hates the chilly air that fall brings. I don’t mind the fall weather at all. I actually love the fall weather because I prefer to wear pants and sweaters over shorts and tank tops. Fall cloth are also cuter than any other seasons cloth. I love almost all fall clothing because the shirts have cute colors that go with the season. Even the leaves have cute colors that mix together and look prefect together. That is another reason why I love fall.

When fall begins the leaves and the trees start to change colors and fall off the trees. After the leaves have fallen of the tree there are so many things you can do. The first and by far my favorite thing to do is to rake up a big pile of leaves and jump into them. Another fun thing you could do is have a photo shoot. You can dress up in all different outfits. The last one I am goin to say is you could rake peoples yards, (which is not hard) for money.

My last reason fall is my favorite season is because of all the decorations. I love to decorate for anything like birthdays or holidays.  I love to decorate for fall because the decorations are very pretty and I love the colors.



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