We made State

So this is my first year in forensics and so far it has been fun. On my vary first meet I got a blue ribbon. Well, I did have the help form my partner Morgan. Nirvana also helped me with my writing. On the second meet Morgan and I were just one point shy of a blue ribbon. The third meet I had to step up my game and get a blue ribbon.

This time there was a power round and I was going by myself. My anxiety was becoming stronger. After the two rounds I tried to stay calm and wait for the papers that said who made power. About 30 minutes later they posted SOME of the people who powered. I was very scared but sone enough my category was posted. I quickly found my way through the piles of people to see my code on the paper. I gathered all my stuff and went to my room. The next thing I know I got first place and made City!

The last meet that was held did not have a power round but it did have three rounds and metals. Morgan and I were in the same room with the same people all three rounds. We barely had time to eat but I guess it did not mater because we got a metal and made State. I was so happy that we made State and that my mom said she would buy me whatever food that I wanted.



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