Last night I went to Morgans house. We played at her house for about two or three hours. After her dad came home we walked to my house. We only live about three blocks away. When we were walking down the street Morgan got a little chill so I gave her my jacket. As we walked in my house mom was asking me why I did not have my coat on so I told her Morgan was cold and I did not want her to get sick. Then I just left the room.

We walked into my room and turned the radio on. We were looking through a bin of random stuff. We found a bag of water balloons and decided to blow them up. That made our cheeks turn as red as a rose. When we became tired of blowing up the balloons up we popped them all. All we could hear was “POP,POP,POP”.

Then we cleaned the room and went back to Morgans house. before we left I grabbed a jar of pickles. As walked into her house there was a strong smell of grilled cheese. We then enjoyed a few games of speed. Then a walked home and went to bed.


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