It’s all about me

My name is Katilin Papp. Some of the things that I like are playing soccer and hanging out with my friends. I have a job during the school year. I babysit my neighbor. Her name is Marielena. She is the cutest little girl. When I don’t have to babysit her I go to my best friend Morgan’s house. When I was in fifth when grade I met her. When I went to her house I would have to leave early because she had soccer. That is how I got into playing soccer. Now I play soccer for my school team.

At my mom’s house I have my mom and sister. At my dad’s house is my dad and my Aunt Donna. I also have a brother. He is in college at Madison. My mom’s name is Tina. My sister’s name is Sara. My brother’s name is Steven. Last but not least my dad’s name is Elliot. They all support me in school and soccer. I enjoy there company. I think everyone would.


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